My Friend Paris: My Twins' First Christmas {Holiday Gift Guide}

My munchkin-man is a huge fan of books already. Any and all books, but especially ones with colorful pictures and easy-to-read (and easy-to-point-to) words and print. We recently came across a great set of books perfect for preschool and grade school aged kids, written by a young teen, and Jace loves 'em! Please join us in welcoming the My Friend Paris book series to our home library.

  Most of the My Friend Paris series is written by 14 year old Paris Morris, here's a little bit of information about her:
Paris is a typical 14-year-old girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys musical theater, golf, and going to the movies with her friends. 

She has inspired seven books currently in print and is working on several additional titles involving her twin sisters as well as children's travel to New York, France, Italy and Hawaii.
  I had the pleasure of reading My Twins' First Christmas with my munchkin, and he was thrilled!
Gorgeous colorful illustrations!
  In this book Paris teaches her twin sisters all about their family Christmas traditions, including picking out and decorating a Christmas tree, window shopping, and meeting Santa Claus!  She also gives a little information about other holidays, like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. It's a great story with beautiful, colorful pictures and a positive message of giving to others. I can definitely see this being read over and over as Jace grows up! The whole series makes the perfect gift for any little one, whether they're reading yet or not. Make it a habit to read to your kiddos each day to inspire the love of reading!

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