Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier {Holiday Gift Guide}

  Do you ever get a case of the "fridge-stinkies?" You know, when you leave some leftovers in there for a little too long and it starts to emit an ominous odor of decay? Yeah...it happens all too often. Unfortunately, things nearby tend to suck-up that odor, and let's face it, no one wants to bite into an apple that smells like death.

  Oransi, a leader in innovative air purifying technologies, has created a solution to combat this nasty problem: the Ionic Fridge Air Purifier!

  The Ionic Fridge Air Purifier works by outputting high amounts of negative ions, which latch on to the positively-charged contaminants and allergens and essentially neutralize them. The particles are now too large and heavy to be breathed in (or detected) and fall harmlessly to the ground, or floor of the fridge. One easy swipe then takes away all the nasties! I was doing a bit of my own research on this technology and found quite a few studies that suggest that negative ions may even kill viruses and germs on contact. Perfect for your fridge!

  We recently went on vacation for a week or so and cleaned out our fridge beforehand so nothing would fester while we were gone. I also left the fridge purifier on in the back of the fridge to get rid of any nasties-residue, and it worked like a charm! We returned home not only to a still-clean fridge, but to a breath of fresh air when we opened the fridge door. The purifier had effectively neutralized any smell, good or bad. It totally works! 

Sitting in our super-full fridge right now.

  Ringing in at a cost of about $1/month in battery usage, this little gadget makes an excellent addition to everyone's home! Due to the internal micro processor it cycles itself on and off to conserve battery life and only needs replacements every 45-90 days. It's a quiet little gadget, you'd have to have your ear right on top of it to hear even the faintest hum. What a great gift for any foodie or kitchen aficionado, and in my opinion would be perfect for not just the fridge but also any small spaces. (Think closets, small bathrooms, etc.)

  Oransi makes several other, larger air purifiers for your home, as well as a tool to make your laundry-lifestyle easier:
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