Drink High-Class with Julibox {Holiday Gift Guide}

I have the perfect gift for those "hard to shop for" friends on your gift list. No, it's not money or a gift card. No, it's not some random gag gift bought from a novelty store. It's Julibox!

Julibox is the subscription service for cocktail discovery. For just $40 a month, a medium brown box is delivered to your doorstep which contains the spirits and mixers to create two-each of two different cocktails. These cocktails are top-notch! The collections are curated by bartenders, mixologists, and people who love and know their libations. All the fixin's are included, minus any fruit needed (think limes and lemons,) and all you need to do is mix! Or stir. Or muddle. Or shake. You get the idea...

I received the November box, entitled Great Grains. Preface to my review, you should know that I am and have always been a vodka fanatic. Shot straight or fruited-up in a girly cocktail, I love it all. Which is why I was over the moon to discover that my box contained just that: Vodka. And not just any vodka, but my FAVORITE vodka...Ketel One! As you can see in the first picture above, the box is divided into two sides, one for each cocktail. Each item in the box is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper to make breakage virtually impossible, and then packed in a mass of crinkle paper. To the left: Ketel One vodka, Regatta ginger beer, and bitters to make the Polish Mule. To the right: Belvedere vodka and rose simple syrup to make the Daisy Rose. Each cocktail comes with a card showing a finished photo along with precise steps on how to recreate it.

I loved them both! Each cocktail has unique flavors that highlight each other, creating a one-of-a-kind libation. Truly high-class, the Julibox delivers in it's promise to deliver high quality spirits and distinct drinks month after month. 

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