EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

One of the most handy things you can keep on your kitchen counter when dieting isn't food, believe it or not. It isn't a juicer or blender, or even a microwave. The best thing you can do in your kitchen when keeping your food intake to a minimum is use an accurate kitchen scale. EatSmart makes this task easy (and chic!) with their Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale!

The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is a neat gadget to have around the house! Correctly portioning your food can be a key success tool when dieting to lose or maintain weight, and the Precision Pro scale can help you get there! The scale can measure up to 11 lbs in weight and is accurate to plus-or-minus 1 gram. This is great considering many scales I've seen are only accurate to +- 5 grams.  It can measure in four different units: grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds, so no food or liquid is off-limits. 

One medium banana measured in lbs.
My absolute favorite feature of this digital scale is it's tare feature, which can subtract the weight of any bowl or plate to more accurately weigh the food it contains. Say, for instance, you're weighing a bowl of fruit to portion it out correctly for snacks. Simply place the empty bowl on the scale and hit the TARE button to the left of the scale. This will "zero-out" the display, so that when you remove the bowl it shows a negative weight. Now when you place the fruit into the bowl and re-weigh, you're only weighing the fruit! I used to work in a bakery and we had a big professional scale that did this for customer purchases, and it's a great feature to have in a kitchen scale as well.

The scale also has a large digital display that makes measurements easy to read. My only concern is that the display gives off a bit of a glare in sunlight (not direct) and at times I can only see the measurements when looking directly down at it. This can be a little difficult, as bowls and plates tend to get in the way of a direct view, but isn't really something that can be helped. 

The Precision Pro scale comes with two AAA batteries included and a full 2-year warranty to boot! It's small, clean and modern-looking, and comes in several varieties of colors and chome to suit everyone's kitchen decor. If you're anything like me, when things are out of sight they get forgotten about. This little beauty deserves a spot out in the open, not only for beauty but to make sure it's seen and used often!

Know someone on your Christmas list that's trying to lose weight? Give them a gift that will keep on giving!

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