Keep Produce Fresh With The BluApple! {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

Did you know that the typical American family of four can throw away as much as $600 worth of spoiled fruits and vegetables a year? Yikes! For those of us that don't have a market right down the street, keeping produce fresh at home can be a real struggle. I am pleased to introduce to you the savior of my vegetable drawer: The BluApple!

The science behind ripening fruit is actually pretty simple. Fruit and veggies produce natural ethylene gas as they age, which acts as a chemical "signal" to coordinate uniform ripening. (So one banana of the bunch doesn't ripen pre-term, etc.) When we store produce in refrigerator drawers, this ethylene gas builds up and speeds up the ripening process, aging fruit and veggies prematurely and encouraging early spoilage. Yuck!
The BluApple works by absorbing this excess ethylene gas using a natural zeolite compound, thereby preventing any premature spoilage and saving you money!  

I've been using my BluApple twin pack for a few months now and am thrilled with their performance! Each BluApple refill lasts for about 3 months in a typical refrigerator produce storage bin, and as you can see above, I use one in mine! Please ignore the fact that our veggie supply is looking quite scarce, it was a grocery shopping day. *cough cough* 
It has saved me from throwing out much of my fresh produce, especially berries which are super-sensitive to ethylene gas. I also keep one on my kitchen counter right next to our banana supply, which works but not as well as the fridge BluApple. 

The commercial fruit and vegetable industry has been using this gas-absorbing technology for over 20 years, keeping non-local produce fresh to your supermarket. Why not use the same technology at home? After your three month BluApple refill is spent, simply open the packet and sprinkle the zeolite onto the soil of household plants. Zeolite is a natural soil and can provide trace minerals to plants, making it a great fertilizer!

A few tips (from me) to keep fruit fresh: Wash and dry strawberries right when you get home before sticking them in the fridge. This will wash away any bacteria or mold spores that may already be present on the fruit's flesh and prevent it from spreading! Also, make sure to remove produce from plastic grocery bags before storing. These bags will act as their own container and hold in the ethylene gas so that the BluApple can't reach it!

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