Little Cleaning Box {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

How would you like to have eco-friendly cleaning supplies delivered right to your door every three months? Not sure if green cleaning supplies are for you and want to try some before you buy them? You're in luck! The Little Cleaning Box is here to help you through your toughest cleaning jobs, while being gentle to the environment in the process.

Little Cleaning Box #3 by Leslie Reichert
The Little Cleaning Box is the brainchild of Leslie Reichert, "The Cleaning Coach." Every 90 days she compiles the best eco-friendly home cleaning supplies and delivers a box of sample sizes right to your door to test out for only $10! This gives you the chance to try some of the biggest name brands without paying the higher prices, allowing you to see if they are a perfect fit in your household. If you decide you love them, great! You can purchase your favorite full size products from at a discounted price. Because let's face it, no one wants to fork over big bucks for higher quality goodies only to find you can't stand the smell!

I recently received the third Little Cleaning Box, which is "filled with great ways to get your home smelling good-naturally. And some things that will help get you ready for the holidays!" Each package comes in a little brown Earthy box, with the goodies inside wrapped in green tissue paper.

Included in my box was:

*Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Spray: I am IN LOVE with this spray. It comes in a little travel-size pump bottle and is super handy any time you need to freshen up the air around you. It contains only natural ingredients (water and extracts of pine needle, lime, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood) and reminds me of being outdoors in a wooded forest. I love it so much that I've been known to spray a mist onto my hair (dreadlocks) to freshen up! I will definitely be buying more of this, maybe for Christmas? *hint hint*

*Fresh Scents: A scented envelope sachet. I must say, when I first opened my Little Cleaning Box I could smell this all the way through the box and it was lovely! The scent even stays on the tissue paper and instruction card for days after being removed from the box. The sachet now resides in my underwear drawer scenting-up my skivvies and delighting me with it's aroma every time I open the dresser.

*Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap: I've seen these dish soaps at stores before but wasn't ready to switch due to pricing concerns. Thanks to these two wonderful samples, I am so ready! Two samples, one each of Bluebell and Rosemary, are included in this box. I loved both, but Bluebell was the definite favorite. They both left my sponge (and hands) smelling fragrant and feeling squeaky clean but not overly dry.

*Cape Cod Polishing Cloth: I cleaned one of my favorite sterling silver and amber necklaces with the Cape Cod Polishing Cloth. It was completely tarnished and now sparkles and shines! Check out the amazing before and after pictures below!

All I had to do was open the packet and use the pre-moistened cloth to buff away the tarnish and grime. It worked like a charm! It was a little harder to get into the nooks and crannies of the chain, but still made it look fabulous.

*Unique Natural Pet Odor & Stain Remover: Since we don't have any animals here, I did not get a chance to try this one out yet. It is a concentrate that you mix with warm water and pour over a stain or problem area and leave overnight. That's it! No scrubbing or soaking-up chemical cleaners, this natural bacteria cleaner works the way nature does. It does smell super fresh, clean, and pleasant in the bottle, and even works on skunk odors! I plan on holding on to this little bottle for the (near) future when we might get a small dog, or maybe for a naked toddler never know! 

I know I'll be buying a few Little Cleaning Boxes for friends and family for Christmas...the gift that keeps on giving! At just $10 per box every 90 days, you can't go wrong!

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