Make lunch fun with Funbites! {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

I'm not sure what happened to my munchkin's "eat everything" attitude, but he's recently become uber picky. Every fruit, vegetable, and sandwich he used to love is now subjected to the "put-in-mouth-then-spit-out" routine. It's so frustrating! One thing I have found that helps is to keep pieces small, and sometimes unrecognizable from their true shape. Anything that Jace can pick up easily and shove into his mouth is fair game, which is why I've come to love FunBites!
Cube It! and Luv It! FunBites

 FunBites was created by Bobbie Rhoads, the mom of two finicky eaters. Realizing that she spent way too much time at mealtimes cutting up her kiddo's food into bite-sized pieces she came up with FunBites, a simple contraption to do the cutting for her! FunBites are made in the USA out of BPA-free plastic and come with two pieces: A cutter (don't worry, only plastic "blades" that won't cut skin!) and a matching "popper" piece that pops the bite-sized food bits out without having to touch the food! Both pieces are super easy to hand wash, and are dishwasher-safe too.

I recently received the Cube It! FunBites and it has come in so handy! It's the perfect shape and size to cut bread/sandwiches into tiny perfect squares, leaving the crust for mom to eat (well, at least I do...) and the sandwich pieces the perfect size for little hands. Cube It! also works great on many kid-favorites, like pancakes, burgers, pizza, cheese, watermelon, hot dogs, and more!

All it takes is three simple steps:
  • Remove popper piece and place cutter over food to be cut.
  • With one hand on each side, firmly press down applying even pressure and rock handles back and forth a few times to cut.
  • Place popper piece on top of cutter and push down, popping out your perfect-sized foods with no mess!

This really has helped Jace expand his food intake, he loves the neat little shapes and will eat just about anything! Don't have any kids? FunBites also make easy and great-looking party hors d'oeuvres and snacks! The Luv It! heart-shaped FunBites is perfect for all things Valentines, too. Stick a FunBites in someone's stocking this Christmas, they'll thank you for it!

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