Newman's Own Organics {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

You might have seen the brand Newman's Own around quite often. I know I have, I remember first seeing Newman's Own salad dressings at McDonalds when they were going through their "adult happy meal" with the salad and free pedometer health kick, and they were delicious! But did you know there's now a separate company under the Newman family name that makes organicly-delicious snacks and more? Please welcome Newman's Own Organics to the mix!

"Great tasting food that happens to be organic"

Newman's Own Organics began as a division of Newman's Own way back in 1993 run by Nell Newman, daughter of Paul Newman, and her business partner Peter Meehan. It started with Nell's delicious organic pretzels and blossomed from there, with Newman's Own Organics becoming it's own company in early 2001. Since the very first pretzel line, Newman's Own Organics has grown to include organic candy, snacks, mints, cookies, and even popcorn!

In October Jace, Mark, and I went to visit my parents in California and I figured that would be the perfect time to give a variety of Newman's Own Organics products a test run. With so many different tastes involved, we'd be sure to have a taste bud on hand that would love each one! We took pictures of each product that we tasted, but unfortunately our camera was accidentally left on the plane on our flight home and was never recovered. (I hope you're enjoying our family photos and camera, whoever out there swiped it!  *sniff*) So please forgive the use of stock photos, and please know that we did test out each and every delicious morsel!

Included in our taste-test package:

  •  Newman-O's cookies in Original, Chocolate Creme, Hint O Mint, and Ginger 'n' Cream
The whole family LOVED all of these cookies! Hint O Mint was by far my favorite, with Original and Chocolate Creme coming in a close second. They're similar in taste to that "other" brand, but 10 times better for you! Hint o Mint reminded me of eating mint Girl Scout cookies, only creamier (and tastier.) The Ginger cookies weren't as popular, ginger just doesn't go over too well with this family.

  •  Spelt, Honey Wheat Minis, and High Protein Pretzels
The Spelt flour minis were a little more dry than the other flavors, but I think they were my favorite! The perfect after-drinking snack (not that I would condone a night of drinking and debauchery...) they most definitely were. Honey Wheat tasted very rich, and High Protein tasted pretty much like regular pretzels, so why not grab the bag that packs more of a nutrient punch?

  • Pop's Corn microwave popcorn in the Unsalted flavor
This popcorn is fabulous! I usually prefer a hint of salt on mine, but the unsalted goes perfect with a spritz of lime juice. You really can't go wrong with organic popcorn without that TBHQ preservative junk.

  • Chocolate Cups in all 5 flavors: Dark chocolate peanut butter, milk chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate peppermint, milk chocolate caramel, and dark chocolate caramel.
Each and every one of these was absolutely delicious! I especially loved the peppermint and caramel cups, while Mark and my mother loved the peanut butter cups best. The caramel was thin and rich tasting, much like I imagine fresh homemade caramel to be. The peanut butter was smooth, but not too smooth to taste fake like "other brands." 

  • Organic raisins
These raisins were the perfect snack to take with us on the plane ride back home! We kept a few little boxes in our carry-on and snacked throughout. Raisins are one of my go-to healthy snacks, and I was super happy to find that Jace loved the Newman's Own Organics version. 

  • Licorice Twists in Strawberry, Black licorice, Pomegranate, Sour strawberry, Sour apple, and Sour mango.

 My mom hosted a mini Halloween gathering for her friends while we were visiting and we served up the variety of licorice twists to guests. The sour strawberry was a HUGE hit, while the black licorice went untouched (an acquired taste, I'm sure.) My personal favorite was the sour apple flavor. All sour flavors have a coating of thick-grained sugar on the outside, which is extra yummy, but also was surprising to find that none were exceedingly high on the sugar content. The twists all have the perfect texture, somewhere between gummy and chewy. Thumbs up all around!

  • Royal Green Tea
To be honest, I couldn't really tell that this was green tea. It tastes kinda like regular generic "tea", but smoother and easier on my taste buds. I enjoyed it as I enjoy most teas now, but would have preferred a more "green" flavor.

  • Chocolate Bars in Dark chocolate, Super dark chocolate, Mocha milk chocolate, Milk chocolate, and Espresso dark chocolate.

 I'm not a big fan of chocolate, so I'm definitely glad my parents got to help me out with this one! My mom favored the milk chocolate and milk chocolate mocha

  • Fig Newmans in the low fat variety

 Before trying these I'd never actually had a fig cookie before! Assuredly a different flavor than I'm used to, but I loved the soft cookie and filling. 

  • Alphabet Cookies in Vanilla and Chocolate

 Jace loved both of these flavors! They are adorable little square cookies with letters embossed on them, and were a common snack for Jace while out in California. Kinda a cross between a typical animal cracker and a shortbread cookie, these were the perfect texture for my munchkin. Also not overpowering in flavor, great for young taste buds.

  • Newman's Own Mints in all four flavors: Hot cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, and Wintergreen.

Another one where I'm glad my momma could help out, she's a mint fanatic! She LOVED the cinnamon mints, which were the first to go. She says that they were definitely hot, without being too hot. The Peppermint also dissappeared pretty fast, and I snagged a few of the Wintergreen. Same as with the Ginger 'n' Cream Newman-O's, the ginger didn't go over well here. The others were fresh and pleasant, though!

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Whew, so many goodies! The folks at Newman's Own Organics are feeling extra generous this Holiday season, and will be giving my 4 favorite products away to one lucky Serial Access Mom reader!

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