Santé Bakery {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

Sweets are always plentiful during the holiday season, but consuming so much refined sugar, preservatives, and calories can do a number on your body! I love it when I come upon a business that makes delicious edibles that are made with whole foods and good-for-you ingredients, like Santé Bakery!
"Santé" - in French literally means "health".
Our goal is to fill your life with all of the health benefits Mother Earth has to offer.

Santé Bakery prides themselves on providing the highest quality products for the lowest possible prices! They were generous to send me three wonderful products from their current line: Vegan Almond Butter Cookies, Chocolate Goji Berry Cookies, and Christmas Granola.

First up: my favorite, the Vegan Almond Butter Cookies. These were heavenly! I literally had to stop myself from wolfing down the entire bag before snapping a few photos to prove that they actually existed. So yummy! They are a soft cookie made with organic whole wheat flour and almond butter, along with natural turbinado raw sugar and other wholesome ingredients. I'd never heard of turbinado sugar before, and was pleased to learn that it is a raw sugar that is steamed to purify. This minimal processing leaves the sugar light tan in color with a molasses flavor, yum! The texture was light yet dense and quite moist, and each cookie is topped with a whole almond. These fabulous cookies come in a package of 8 for $12.

Second: the Chocolate Goji Berry Cookies. These cookies are more flat in comparison to the Vegan Almond Butter cookie. They're also more dense and nutrient-rich, as the Goji berry packs some major antioxidant power! If you haven't heard of them, Goji berries are native to China and have been used as part of a healthy diet for centuries. They can be cooked, dried, eaten raw, or made into teas and juices. I've had them dried, and they're quite tasty! The berries add delicious flavor to these baked goods. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, so it was refreshing that these cookies don't have an overwhelming amount of cocoa in them, only small bits throughout. These delicious morsels are sold in a package of 8 cookies for $11.50.

Next: the Christmas Granola. I used to eat granola every morning. I'd wake up and have my "hobo breakfast" of cut up strawberries topped with yogurt, honey, granola, and a dollop of real maple syrup. I haven't had it in a while (laziness on my part) and I found that I missed my granola ritual. The Christmas Granola is the perfect granola to use for this! It not only has oats and cinnamon, but also turbinado sugar, maple syrup, raisins, walnuts, coconut flakes, cranberries, apple sauce, and a handful of festive spices. Yummo! Jace has been swiping all the raisins and cranberries out of the bag when I'm not looking, sneaky thief. This one appears to be unavailable for individual purchase at the moment, but can be ordered as a part of their Holiday Box Sets.

Santé Bakery carries an extensive line of delicious desserts and pastries (even piroshki's!) Check them out for all of your Holiday needs. Know someone who loves sweets? Send them the gift of one of Santé Bakery's Holiday Box Sets! Since it's so close to Christmas, one idea is to print out a picture of said Holiday Box Set with your own personalized message. Wrap it up in a box and tell them to expect their goodies soon!

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