Strike A Match {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

How many times have you been without a light at home and needed a match/lighter? For us, the need is felt pretty constantly. Mark is a smoker, so he's always in need of "a light," and he has a tendency to swipe any lighters I have around the house, leaving me with nothing to light my favorite candles with. Luckily I now have a pair of Strike A Match modern matchstick holders within arms reach, and I'll never go without again!

These unique glass vases are quite beautiful, and they serve a great purpose as well. The design on the outside of these little guys is made of phosphorous match friction! The match friction is the same as found on the side of strike-on-box matches, so think of the decorative vase as your own personal, stylish matchbox.
"Strike a Match is line of modern match holders and match strikers designed for people who enjoy using MATCHES to light their candles, incense, cigars, and other favorite things to relax and enjoy life. "

I received both the sun and moon designs, one of each glass vase shape. Both came in silky gold organza drawstring bags, making them no-hassle gifts and stocking stuffers. (No wrapping!) Each comes complete with an instructional and informative card and two extra striking surface stickers. The friction already affixed to the glass should outlast the matched contained in it, but it all depends on how often (and hard) you strike it. Extra striker stickers can be purchased for just 25 cents plus shipping on Etsy.

The glass vases, being pre-designed by the manufacturing company, do not come with lids, though they are hoping to add them in the future. Regardless, my matches have stayed dry and useful sitting above my kitchen sink on the window sill for weeks now, no problem. While the vases are imported, I love that these strike-on-box match sticks are made right here in the USA! Since they require the proper striking surface to ignite (as opposed to "strike anywhere" matches that only require friction) these matches are safer to ship and use. Currently, the matches are available in either green or burgundy color. Keep a lookout, though, as by late 2013 Strike A Match is looking to add a rainbow of colors to the availability! They will also be expanding their striker shape assortment to include initials and more. 

As far as performance, the matches are definitely easy to light and the striker has given me no issues thus far. The rectangle sun-stickered vase is my go-to kitchen candle lighter, while the cylindrical mood-stickered vase is near the door to our "smoking patio" on the front porch for Mark. What a unique and thoughtful gift for any smoker, candle-enjoyer (that's me!), BBQ-cooker, and anyone that just prefers the good-old sulfurous smell of a snuffed match to lighters! Strike A Match containers retail for $12.95-$13.95 plus ground shipping.

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