The Compliment Quotient: Compliment Charm Necklaces and Gifts {HolidayGift Guide + Giveaway}

As a whole, humans nowadays are lacking a great deal of compassion. (In my humble opinion.) I'm not sure compassion is the right word for it, really, but it's the first thing that springs to mind when I think of being kind and giving compliments freely. To tell someone that they look beautiful, that they're special, or that they did a great job. It's just something that most people don't do often enough, and something that we don't hear often enough. Monica Strobel is combating negativity head-on in her book The Compliment Quotient!

"The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World reveals why and how the one, simple practice of giving more compliments will so powerfully transform your relationships and rally your spirits. 
While many books attempt to solve the elusive “be happier” mystery, few offer this practical, humorous and heart-centered approach to personal joyfulness and wellbeing– that also uplifts others along the way."

 I love the idea that putting positive thoughts and energy out into the world will, in turn, bring positivity into your life! To go along with her upbeat book, Monica has created a line of compliment gifts to turn you into a more positive person, as a giver or a wearer. I've heard about using affirmations in everyday life before, but never in such a stylish manner! She offers gifts like the two I recently received, the Compliment Charm Necklace and the Compliment-A-Day Inspirational Cards Deck Gift Set.

First up: the Compliment Charm Necklace. I actually received two of these (with a purpose in mind.) In the spirit of giving, I am keeping one for myself and gifting another to someone close to me. This way, they too can feel special knowing what I (and everyone else) knows about them! I chose the "You are Brilliant" charm in green hues for myself, and the "You are Amazing" charm in blue hues for my friend:

Each silver-plated, double-sided charm comes on a silver-plated ball chain necklace. One side of the charm has your compliment, while the other side displays a beautiful corresponding image. Each retails for $13.95 and comes wrapped in a silver organza bag that's prefect for gift giving. They're simply stunning! 

Next: the Compliment-A-Day Inspirational Cards Deck Gift Set.

This uplifting set comes with 30 individual cards, each with a positive compliment geared towards the reader, and a little easel stand to display them. Choose one a day and display proudly. You can keep them next to your desk, at home, wherever it is that you'll see it often and remember that you rock! Another nifty idea is to include one of these cards in greeting cards that you mail throughout the year. Imagine getting a birthday card with a compliment in it, how nice! You can even help raise your child's self esteem by including on in their lunch box every so often. This gift set comes beautifully wrapped-up in a red organza bag and retails for $18.95, the perfect stocking stuffer!

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