Uncle Milton Toys: John Deere Bug Jug {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

Little kids (boys especially) love bugs, much to their mother's dismay. Our munchkin is no exception, and as he grows older he is becoming increasingly interested in all little critters that move. I am in no way a fan of these "buggies," as we call them, and would rather them not be in the house at all. Thank goodness for Uncle Milton's John Deere Bug Jug! Now Jace can explore his buggy friends outside in his own little controlled space.

The Bug Jug, by Uncle Milton Toys, is a nifty little tool for young explorers and scientists. It comes complete with a bug habitat, dividers with John Deere tractor scenes, a magnifying glass, and a mini bug-catcher. 

Bug habitat
 The only assembly required is for an adult to pop off the bottom of the habitat, put the scene stickers of the corresponding divider panels, place inside the habitat, and snap closed! Super-easy. Since the whole bottom comes off, it would be easy to fill the buggies' new home with grass, dirt, or leaves. The habitat has an opening at the top to drop bugs into, which can be covered with a little yellow plastic cap (to keep them IN, thank goodness.) 

The bug-catcher
This little carabinered bug catcher is too cute! It opens on either end to let your target bug wander in, then snaps closed to keep your buggy contained until he gets to his new habitat home. The skinny end of the bug catcher fits right into the top opening of the habitat, making for a seamless transfer. This bug catcher even has little air holes, just in case of an "extended stay." Also included is a small, low-power magnifying glass to help your little one see and enjoy even the tiniest of buggies. The magnifying glass (made of plastic, no actual glass involved) fits perfectly onto the top of the habitat, so nothing gets lost.

Since we're smack in the middle of Winter now, Jace doesn't really have many opportunities to go out and find buggy friends. For now he settles with imaginary ones!

Jace catching imaginary bugs

Viewing his imaginary bugs in their "natural habitat."
Jace loves his John Deere Bug Jug, and I know your munchkins will too! Uncle Milton carries so many educational and adventurous toys, with items from Dinosaur Train, National Geographic, Ant Farm, the popular In My Room toys, and many more. These toys make prefect gifts for young children, as their brains are like sponges that will soak up the knowledge they have to offer!

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