Be Bold with December's Starbox This Winter! {Review}

If you've been sticking with Serial Access Mom for the past few months, no doubt you've seen a few raving Starbox by Starlooks reviews. I love them! Being a former makeup fiend (and "goth" clubber) gives me an appreciation for all things cosmetic. After becoming a mom nearly two years ago, my makeup days were a thing of the past. Or so I thought! I had no idea how much I'd missed "putting on my face" until I came upon Starbox.  

This December, Starlooks decided to do something different for it's subscribers. A typical Starbox monthly subscription comes with 3-4 full-size makeup products, as well as tips and tricks on how to use them, for just $15 per month. This month is special...

A beautiful red box tied with a gold ribbon greeted me upon opening my Starlooks package. Under the lid lay a Happy Holiday greeting from Starlooks, complete with iridescent glitter flakes.

Underneath the glitz and glitter is the star of the show, a 15-color eye shadow palette! Look at how gorgeous these hues are.

I immediately was drawn to the violet and green shades, as my pale skin and red hair tend to shy away from blues and reds. After checking out the Looksbook for makeup inspiration on how to use this palette, I decided to try my hand at mimicking one of the looks (violet and yellow.) I love it! This look, paired with black eye liner and mascara would be an attention-getter at night clubs and nights out alike. 

As you can see, the quality of the color is astounding. While not as deep as pure pigment, these shades are bold and easily layerable. As with the November palette, these colors blend effortlessly into each other to create a seamless look.

For those of you thinking "I could never pull these colors off" or "These colors are way too bright, I'm too old to wear them," I give you my very simple 4-color day look using the dark green, rusty brown, and ultra light grey from this palette, as well as a slightly darker matte brown from the November Starbox palette. 

Voila! Even the palest, most color-sensitive skintones (ie- mine: uber pale redhead) can pull off just about every color combo in this collection when used in moderation. Just use the basic universal color wheel to find complimentary colors, or even more simple, just use your outfit/style as a guide. Wearing earthy tones? Go for greens, browns, and roses. Bohemian? Try the blues, browns, and yellows. Regular office work day? Try fusing violet with gray to create a light smoky eye. The combinations are endless!

I love you, Starbox! There, I just had to say it. You've brought beauty back into my world.

You, too, can subscribe to Starbox for just $15 a month. This month's palette retails for $99, what a huge discount! Even though December is over, you can still purchase this and past Starboxes for $25.

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