Bring out your inner Eden with January's Starbox {Review}

I can't get enough of Starbox by has brought me back into the glamorous world of makeup again and for this I love it! Each month Starbox sends me 3-4 full-sized coordinating makeup products to tickle my fancy, along with a few surprises and tips on application, all for just $15 per month! This is the ideal  way to buy makeup for me, as I never seem to know what I want or what color combos will compliment my skin tone. Starbox takes away all the work and pressure, and lets me experiment with and enjoy many colors and products that I never would have gone out and bought on my own!

January's Starbox theme was Eden with earthy yet ethereal natural tones. 

This month's box was loaded with goodies! Literally, I had a hard time keeping the lid down it was so full. Take a peek underneath the limey-yellow tissue folds:

This box contained three makeup items, a professional makeup brush, and a surprise beauty item! Included inside:

* Diamondline Eye Liner in Fancy
* Eye Liner in Brown
* Blush Compact in Cuty Peach
* #858 Fluffy Dome Brush
* Beaded bracelet by Abby Rose Designs

The liners:
Diamondline liner in Fancy on top, Eye Liner in Brown on bottom

The eye liners actually surprised me in that I very much enjoyed playing with them. I think I've only ever purchased black eyeliner in the past, as it tends to go with my "style" more. As you can see from the test above the brown is actually quite dark, which works perfectly. Both the Diamondline and regular eyeliners are incredibly smooth and easy to apply, even to my deep-set eyes. My only issue is with the "smudge-proof" claim...I tend to have issues with eyeliner staying in place as it is, and these liners definitely did smudge. My best words of advice for those with slippery skin like mine is to be sure to apply an eye primer prior to lining and shading, and dust with a fine layer of mineral powder after your eye design is finished. These will help to "set" your makeup in place and prevent you from ending up with raccoon eyes, especially after a night of dancing and debauchery. (Something I would know nothing about... #shiftyeyes)

Experimental eye makeup design using Starlooks Eye Liner in Brown and the deep, sparkly blue shadow from the December Starlooks palette. (Blush in Cuty Peach has been applied lightly to the apples of my naturally rosy skin)
By the way, the look above was created using my small fluffy dome eyeshadow brush! This brush is made with 100% cruelty-free pony hair, so it's not one of your run-of-the-mill synthetic drug store brushes. It's small enough to fit into the corners of your eyes, while being broad enough to cover an entire lid. Prefect for creating a smokey eye look, applying translucent shadow over a look, or applying loose pigments. 

I also used the blush compact in Cuty Peach in the above photo, it's a universal shade! This blush is super pigmented, and a little definitely goes a long way. For the above photo, I simply used the pad of my ring finger to lightly circle the blush compact once, then repeat the motion on the apples of my cheeks until blended-in. It's a very light and natural shade without being too bold or garish. I do believe that the blush is my favorite item in this month's box, it just goes with every look! 

This month's box came with a surprise: A pretty beaded bracelet by Abby Rose Designs etsy shop! The bracelet is made with memory wire and plastic and glass beads, with the strand of smaller beads wrapping around the larger beaded wire. I'm usually not much of a bracelet-wearer, and this one is a bit tight for my wrist, but it makes a perfect pony-tail wrap! I wear my dreads up in a high pony often, and the memory wire wraps around my boring black hair tie easily and beautifully. Abby Rose Designs have many gorgeous pieces, and right now you can enter the code STARLOOKS at checkout to receive free shipping on any order!

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