Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminator {Review + Giveaway}

If you've got kids, you've got odors. Pretty much everywhere. Those odors can be ten-fold if you've got boys, ugh. I've tried the consumer products available at stores, everything from odor-eliminating candles to what I call "flower-ass," those nasty flowery perfumed sprays meant for restrooms. You know, the ones that are designed to make your "business" smell fresh, but end up mingling with your families methaneous odors creating some super chemical-stink in the bathroom. Not a fan.

But wait, all you naysayers, I have found the answer! Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminating products to the rescue, helping people breathe-easy with more than 20 years experience!

Fresh Wave is a line of natural deodorizers that harness the power of nature to safely and effectively remove unwanted odors without harsh chemicals. Unlike many commercial sprays and air fresheners, which just mask odor with a stronger chemical scent, Fresh Wave goes straight to the source and destroys odor on contact. Here's how Fresh Wave products work:

  • Fresh Wave product molecules enter the air.
  • The electrostatic charge of the Fresh Wave molecules attracts odor molecules to it.
  • Odor molecules are absorbed by Fresh Wave molecules, which then fall to the ground, inert.
Perhaps most importantly, Fresh Wave products contain absolutely NO toxins whatsoever. This means that they are safe to use around people and pets! Fresh Wave products have been used for industrial purposes for years, in solid waste facilities, asphalt factories, hotels, and some of the world's stinkiest places. Why not use this trusted technology in your own home?

I fell in love with the Fresh Wave Travel Spray a few months ago after receiving it in my Little Cleaning Box. It is a travel-sized version of the larger Home Spray with the same natural ingredients. (Water, natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood.) These non-aerosol sprays really do fill the air with a pleasant aroma and work especially well in our restroom and kitchen. The cabinet under our sink, where we house the trash can, can get really gnarly. Everything from dirty diapers to old food scraps get tossed in there, so the funk can be overwhelming at times. A few sprays of our Fresh Wave Home Spray wipes out even the worst odors down there in minutes!

I've also found that the home and travel sprays make wonderful linen sprays, too. Whenever we have a guest  scheduled to visit, I spritz the couch, floors, and shower curtain (a secret tip for a great smelling bathroom!) with Fresh Wave to freshen-up the house. Another odd use for the sprays is a hair refresher. Yep, hair. I have dreadlocks and wash them regularly, but have never been fond of the smell of hair in general. After I shower, or anytime I want to smell fresh and foresty, I spritz my travel spray on my 'locks. Love it! This would work wonders for non-'locked hair, as well.
The Fresh Wave Pearl Packs are a great option for those that want clean, fresh air in a small space. Each small pouch contains little hardened gel beads with the same scent and freshness as the Fresh Wave spray. These little mesh pouches can be placed in a closet, in the car, in drawers, and even in a bagless vacuum cleaner! I used one in our bagless Hoover, and while the pouch ended up filled with dust and other nasties that the vacuum picked up, the exhaust air smelled fresh and piney. 

Last but not least is the Crystal Gel Collection:

This beautiful frosted canister contains 18 ounces of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel, which is a chunky gel substance that can freshen a whole room! Simply open the gel packet and pour into the decorative container and you're set for up to 90 days of freshness. The canister is topped with a matte chrome lid riddled with different size holes to vent the scent, and the canister itself fits into most any decor style. I keep this one in our living room (aka playroom) and, while it's not quite as strong a scent as I'd hoped, it's done a great job of keeping unwanted odors out. I tend to stick a bag of trash that needs to be taken out in front of our door (hubby's job!) and we haven't had any stinky issues since using Fresh Wave!

I love that I can use all of my Fresh Wave products around my munchkin without worry of him absorbing of breathing-in any harmful chemicals. Fresh Wave is most definitely the air freshener of choice of this household! Fresh Wave also makes other deodorizing products, like vacuum pearls, soy candles, and laundry detergent. Love!

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