I put the STD in STUD... GIANTmicrobes Heart Burned Box {Review}

Will you be sharing this Valentine's Day with a dear loved one? Or perhaps you were scorned (or are scorning?) recently by an ex whom you would like nothing more than to wish a world of hurt upon? Either way, GIANTmicrobes has a splendid gift to give or keep: the new Heart Boxes!

If you haven't seen them on this blog before, you might just be vision-impaired. I positively LOVE my microbes! Several reviews can be found on Serial Access Mom for microbes, such as the gigantic red blood cell, rotavirus, and Christmas Wreath Ornament Box. I also just added a White Blood Cell to my collection on the last California trip we made as a family, yay! 

GIANTmicrobes by Drew Oliver was founded in 2002 and creates unique gifts to inspire knowledge and learning. Seriously, who can resist the cuteness of plush microorganisms?

These two newest additions, the Heart Warming and Heart Burned Boxes, are a bit different from traditional GIANTmicrobes. Each decorative box is filled with 5 mini-microbes that are unique to these products:
Heart Warming™ Mini Microbe Box
Romantic Heart Warming Box includes:

*Kissing Disease with embroidered lips
*Sperm Cell with an embroidered baby blue rattle
*Egg Cell with embroidered hearts
*Penicillin with exclusive pink pom poms
*Pink Amoeba with embroidered rose


Heart Burned™ Mini Microbe Box
Sizzling Hot Heart Burned Box includes:

*Herpes with embroidered flames
*Chlamydia with red devil horns
*HPV with an embroidered frog
*Pox with a biting snake tongue and fangs
*Penicillin with exclusive pink pom poms

I recently added one of these new additions to my GIANTmicrobe family: the Heart Burned Box full of oh-so-lovely STD's! Who knew diseases could be so cute!

Each of these little pathogens have either special embroidery (a new feature!) or additions to make them limited-edition, available only in these boxed sets. They are all just as well-crafted as their larger brothers and sisters with the same attention to detail. Just look at these little embroidered guys:

Herpes and HPV are best buds!

If romance is your bit, make sure to check out the Heart Warming Box with it's sperm and egg cell! GIANTmicrobes also has an adorable Smooch doll: the kissing disease microbe that makes a smooching sound when you press her lips! Just what the doctor ordered for a happy Valentine's Day.

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