Keep Your Nights Warm With Spicy Subscriptions! {Review}

Most everyone likes a good surprise, am I right? Maybe you found a few extra dollars in your jeans pocket, or a surprise night out on the town with your SO (significant other.) How would you like to come home once a month to a fabulous box of goodies that dazzle and excite? Spicy Subscriptions is here to help! 

PLEASE NOTE: This post includes discussion of adult products. No pictures of lewd items, just adults talking about adult things. 

Spicy Subscriptions is a service that delivers a monthly package to your doorstep containing adult novelties and fun goodies for the bedroom. How enjoyable! There are two subscription services to choose from: the Premium Spice Box for $20.95 per month and the Deluxe Spice Box for $34.95 per month. I recently received a Premium Spice Box and am thrilled to share it's contents with you!

My Premium Spice Box!
Each Premium Spice Box comes with:

1-2 Flirty Items
1-2 Full Sized Products
4-8 Trial Sized Items

In addition to the above products, the Deluxe Spice Box comes with 1-2 deluxe items (toys) and 1 deluxe accessory.

Included in my Spice Box: 

Waterproof Mini-Mals vibrating toy from PipeDream
4.25 oz Dona Kissable Body Drizzle in Pomegranate Martini
1 oz H2O flavored lubricant in Peachy Lips
Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Tingle lubricant sample
Almost Naked by Good Clean Love lubricant sample x2
Pink silicone lubricant for women sample x2
JO personal lubricant for women sample x2
Masque sensual flavored gel strips samples in Chocolate and Mango

What a great haul! This box was definitely curated with a woman's pleasure in mind. Here are my thoughts on these fun products: 
  • The waterproof Mini-Mals toy is small and easy to use, not intimidating at all! It can be enjoyed by yourself or with a partner, and only takes one AAA battery (yay!) While this toy is quite fun, it tends to be a little loud under the sheets. To combat this, simply use it in the shower! Running water quiets all. 
  • I love the super-sweet pomegranate flavor of the Dona Kissable Body Drizzle! And love it even more for being a natural-based body edible with several conditioning extracts, yum! This drizzle comes in a neat twist-top bottle to dispense just enough product for your enjoyment without it spilling all over the place. The drizzle leaves the skin soft and lightly scented, but also leaves a slight aftertaste on your tongue. This product does contain the sweetener sucralose, so make sure to lick it all off intimate areas before intercourse.
  • I've found a new favorite flavored lube with H2O's Peachy Lips, and I can't wait to try the other flavors they offer! (Strawberry Kiss and Chocolate Delight sounds phenomenal!) This lube has absolutely NO artificial sweeteners, colors, or aftertaste. It tastes delightful, like real peach, and has a great scent. It's latex-safe and best of all, since it contains no sweeteners it can be used during intercourse as well. Double-duty!
  • Aloe Cadabra lubricant is 95% organic, can't go wrong with organic and natural. The first ingredient listed is organic aloe vera gel, yay for skin conditioning! The peppermint extract gives this lube a light flavor and creates a gentle tingling & cooling sensation, especially when blown on. Another big plus: NO propylene glycol!
  • Looking for a great cruelty-free, vegan lube? Almost Naked by Good Clean Love fits the bill! It contains no parabens or glycerin, and is also 95% organic. Like Aloe Cadabra, Almost Naked's #1 ingredient is organic aloe vera to condition and soothe skin. Very natural and not too messy, I like it!
  • If you've got sensitive skin, you've got to try JO's Personal Lubricant For Women. It contains no silicone, glycerin, or oils and isn't heavy or thick like other lubes can be. It does, however, have proplyene glycol, of which I'm not a big fan. Ingredients aside, this lubricant preforms excellent with most all toys (silicone toy-safe!) and has no scent or flavor. Perfect for solo play!
  • Pink silicone lubricant is just the right one for those who prefer a thicker, super-slick and long lasting lubricant. While silicone is not readily absorbed by the body (use sparingly inside the vagina), it's the lube of choice for "back door" play. I generally shy away from pure silicone lubricants because they tend to be messier and hard to wash off when done, but Pink's lube is nice when used in moderation. A tip: Do not use silicone lubes directly on silicone toys. The silicone lube can "melt" the toy, causing small holes that make the toy impossible to sterilize. If you want to use the two together, be sure to put a condom on the toy!
  • Last but not least, Masque Flavored Gel Strips. Think of these as breath strips with a twist. They look and feel just like those minty breath-freshening strips, but taste WONDERFUL. Each strip dissolves on your tongue and uses "taste-making ingredients" to block certain undesirable flavors while being intimate. I fell in love with the Chocolate flavor as soon as it hit my tongue. I decided to give it a test run. DON'T WORRY, not on the real thing... I popped the chocolate strip in my mouth and went around tasting everything I could. While the strip didn't completely block out any flavors, it did succeed in minimizing many flavors. Almost as though it took away half of my taste buds...interesting! The flavor alone was well worth it. I have yet to try the Mango flavor, I'm thinking I'll be saving that one for the "real thing." The best part? No weird aftertaste!
I absolutely loved my December Premium Spice Box from Spicy Subscriptions. At just over $20/month it's a great way to indulge yourself and bring excitement into the bedroom!

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