Random Acts of Travel: Book {Review + Giveaway}

Before I became a mom I envisioned a life of travel. Maybe not around the world at first, but I dreamed of buying an old RV and traveling around the 'States for as long as possible. Call it Wanderlust or what you will, but that desire to roam is what got my butt out the door of my comfy California home, into my mid-nineties Mustang and on the road a few years back. I "traveled" a bit and ended up living across the country in Maine, but my map was no where near as extensive as author Dean Johnston's. He and his wife Laynni have traveled in and around 43 different countries over the past 12 years, accumulating a plethora of interesting and comical stories, tips for travel, and tidbits of information about their visited areas. All of this is shared unabashedly in his book Random Acts of Travel, which I had a blast reading!

"Travelling through our diverse and fascinating world can be invigorating, uplifting and life changing. Of course, it can also be baffling, disgusting, aggravating and ridiculous. This hilarious tribute to world travel is full of humorous stories and shocking advice that will inspire you, make you laugh out loud and slowly but surely convince you to stock up on hand sanitizer." - Dean
Random Acts of Travel covers Dean's travel all over the world, from Nepal to Guatemala. Killing lionfish on a dive in Roatan to exploring Iguazu Falls in Argentina. The author uses his sharp wit to sling comedy left and right, using references from pop culture past and present to keep the reader in stitches (or at least constant chuckles.) 

The stories and places do tend to jump around quite a bit, which was initially frustrating to me, though I grew to enjoy the spontaneity of random thoughts and adventures. Dean does also include many factual bits of information for those possibly looking to travel to his favorite destinations, including prices for excursions and hotel stays and times of the year to avoid inclement weather. 

Just a few of the topics discussed in Random Acts of Travel:
-Spider encounters in India.
- The duo's thirteen favorite countries to visit. (Loved this section)
- Sticking with foods that begin with the letter "C."
- Practical advice for newbie travelers.
- The rise and fall of the Great internet cafe.
- Ultimate travel experiences, my favorite being a trek through the Himalayas.
- Lesbian grandmothers getting hot and heavy.

...and so much more! I know, such a tease.

I honestly had an awesome time reading this. It's quite a long book (for me), ringing in just shy of 500 pages, but it's one of those that you can stop and start at any time, picking right back up where you left off and having more than a few laughs. I highly recommend reading your way through to Dean's bucket list at the end. (I couldn't agree more with #2, can't stand the guy, and raise a questionable eyebrow at #4...)

So if you aren't afraid of a little crude humor and abstract (often raunchy) similes, Random Acts of Travel is a great find. It's a fun read and might just inspire an interest in travel in you. I enjoyed reading it, and I hope you will too!

You can purchase a copy for your Kindle on Amazon, or check out Random Acts of Travel's Facebook page for other e-formats available. 

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