Resolve to Overcome Sexual Shyness in 2013 + Astroglide Sample Giveaway

As a whole, sex in our society is still fairly taboo to discuss. We see sexual messages out there everyday, in the media and in our daily routines, yet anything that happens in the bedroom "should stay in the bedroom." Sex isn't a fad or anything that's going away anytime soon, and education and communication are the keys to increasing awareness and fulfillment. 

Astroglide's Sexual Wellness Ambassador Dr. Yvonne Fulbright wants to help you to break away from sexual shyness in 2013, and she's come up with a number of tips to help!
  • Analyze what's holding you back. Do you have a trauma or bad experience in the past that is keeping you from achieving your sexual potential? Try to pinpoint the barriers that you'll have to overcome.
  • Know when to ask for help. Once you figure out what issues are holding you back, determine whether a certified sex therapist or sex expert is in order. Often they can help work through issues that have been ingrained since childhood, such as abuse or negative messages from religion. You can find one in your area here.
  • Read. Read good quality instructionals and take them to heart. A large number of people feel inadequate because they simply don't know how to do what they'd like to. Educate yourself on all things sexual!
  • Get to know yourself first. As RuPaul says, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?" Take the time to explore your own body and figure out what you like, which you can then help guide your partner to.
  • Boost your body image. One of the biggest hurdles to feeling sexy is how we feel about our bodies. This affects all of us, even those with "the perfect figure." Increase your endorphins and start feeling better about your body by exercising daily, eating healthy meals, avoiding toxins, and shutting-out negative self talk. Do the things that make your body feel good!
I know my biggest setback: body image. Ever since becoming pregnant over two years ago I have gained and have now plateaued at a weight (and shape) that I'm nowhere near happy with. I feel negative about myself, so why should anyone else feel positive about being with me? (All aboard the negative thought train.) This year I am pledging to do something about it! I'm currently working on improving my body, which in turn will improve how I feel, and hopefully lead to some better sex in 2013! (Hey, ya never know, right?)

If you have any questions you'd like to ask, make sure to submit them to Dr. Yvonne. Once there you can view answers to questions that others have asked, gain some insights and tips, and read articles on relationships as well.

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