Easy paper Easter egg garland #decoration

I've been looking for a few simple crafts for Jace and I to do for each holiday. I mean really simple. Like, coloring-and-that's-it simple. Jace doesn't have a very long attention span at the moment, but what 2-year old does?

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the minor holidays with little ones is to print out a few free coloring pages from the 'net, color and cut 'em out and make an easy-peasy garland for the doorway between our two most traveled rooms: the kitchen and living room.
Here's our eggy garland for Easter!

Making it was easy as pie! Just print out a few pages of egg images (or make your own if you're feeling crafty) and color away with your munchkins. Or by yourself, I won't judge. Jace had fun coloring for a few minutes before something distracted him.

To hold the garland together I was hoping to use a piece of thin fabric or curling ribbon, but we didn't have any handy. Instead I just used a length of white sewing thread and taped the eggs about 1/2" from the top, one-by-one onto one side. It actually turned out pretty cute this way, as the eggs sway easily when someone walks by! Plus Jace likes being picked up and batting at the eggs to watch them spin/wiggle.

I printed a Happy Easter egg-themed page also to use as a focal point. Just jazzin' it up.
These are the free printable coloring pages we used to make our garland:

Do you decorate for Easter? What kid-friendly ideas have you seen or made?