Try truly eco-friendly products with Conscious Box! {Giveaway}

If you haven't noticed by now, "greenwashing" is everywhere. It's in your local supermarket and most definitely online. "Greenwashing" is the use of deceptive marketing strategies to imply that something is eco-friendly when in reality...not so much. Even the use of the word "green" can be misleading...think about it. Would you rather buy a bottle of cleaner labeled as "green cleaner" or it's obviously chemical-laden counterpart? 

Conscious Box has made it's mission to educate the masses on the topic of greenwashing and how to avoid it! Conscious Box is a subscription box service offering 10-20 sample products each month from ethical, honest, and sustainable businesses. Everything from snackables to health and beauty products can be found in these monthly treasures! 

Conscious Box!
And the best part? Everything about Conscious Box stands behind their commitment and ethics. They utilize eco-friendly packaging, shipping and fair labor practices, and hand-choose companies to include in their boxes that share the same values and devotion to staying natural. 

Conscious Box costs just $19.95 per month (including $7.95 shipping) and can open you up to a world of green products that you never even knew existed! And it gets even better! Enter the code DISCOVERNATURAL at checkout to save 50% off any Conscious Box subscription!

Serial Access Mom has partnered-up with Conscious Box to offer one lucky reader a THREE month subscription to the Conscious Box! Lucky you!

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