Join us on April 9th for a live Q & A: Is Your Student Athlete At Risk for Sudden Heart Failure?

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You may recall a post I recently made announcing a Live Q & A with two influential doctors regarding sudden heart failure in young student athletes. Well, the time has come, the chat is tomorrow at 7pm EST! PartnersHub has devised an app that will host the chat LIVE right here on Serial Access Mom, so come prepared with your questions and ready to soak-up might just save a life!

Top 5 risk factors for sudden heart failure in student athletes:

1. Family history of sudden death.
2. Fainting or family history of fainting.
3. Family history of arrhythmias or heart muscle disease.
4. Participation in sports (particularly sports that require a burst of activity like basketball,   hockey and football).
5. Athlete has gone through puberty (an athlete’s body is stronger at this point and has power during the burst of activity).

 Please consider joining us in a live chat tomorrow, April 9th 2013 at 7pm EST if you have a young athlete that you care for. Family is the most important thing in the world, so if we can help one person with this chat then we’ve made a huge difference!