Maine McDonald's: Enjoy the lighter (and delicious!) side of fast food with the new Premium McWrap + {Giveaway} for Maine Residents!

Disclosure: I received a gift card from the sponsor to purchase these wraps to review. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

Have you heard about the newest addition to the McDonald's family? Please give a warm welcome to the new Premium Chicken McWraps. Check out these big guys!

The photo above may look like it's tiny predecessor, the Snack Wrap, but I assure you that these delectable wraps are huge! Like, bigger than a sandwich-huge. Fill-up-up-your-belly huge. You get the idea...

There are three juicy flavors to choose from in this new line, each available in either Crispy or Grilled chicken to suit your preferences: Sweet Chili Chicken, Chicken Bacon, and Chicken & Ranch:

Each McWrap includes fresh ingredients like spring greens (not just your typical shredded iceberg lettuce, hurray for greens!), cucumbers, tomatoes, and shredded cheese along with generous portions of tender chicken, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. Yum! 

We made two trips to try out each of these yummy options. It goes without saying that Jace was present for both trips, and thus was an extra set of taste buds to help judge the favorites.

Our first trip to our local Newport, ME McDonald's included the Chicken Bacon (Mark's) and Sweet Chili Chicken (mine) McWraps. We visited this past weekend, which was Maine McDonald's promotional period giving us a free medium fry and soda with each McWrap purchase, sweet! Mark ordered his crispy, while I went with the grilled. 

Grilled Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap

I absolutely LOVED my Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap! It has a unique sweet flavor to it and wasn't spicy at all. Not even a little bit. I actually prefer it like this, as the sweet chili flavor pairs perfectly with the fresh cucumbers and greens inside! After doing a little research I found this wrap to be the lowest in calories, fat, and sodium (only 360 calories for grilled!) so I didn't feel guilty about indulging in the whole thing. The amount of sauce was just right, which is what I had gone in slightly worried about since I'd read on a few accounts that the sauce was somewhat sparse. Good job on this one, Newport McDonald's! 

Jace enjoying Daddy's Crispy Chicken Bacon McWrap

I was really, really surprised with how much Mark enjoyed his Chicken Bacon McWrap. He's a two-Big Mac per meal kinda guy, so I thought there's no way that this is going to fill him up. I was wrong! He loved the flavor combo of the bacon and crispy chicken so much that on our next trip, he ordered TWO, one for now and one for lunch at work! 

It might be because of the crispy chicken, but this wrap seemed to have more green-goodness in it than the other two I've tried (which were grilled.) As you can see in the photo above, Jace loved the wrap too! He actually forwent his nuggets in preference of the wrap. Downside? This crispy wrap has about the same amount of calories (600) and fat (30g) as a regular burger. 

Grilled Chicken & Ranch McWrap
Our second trip "wrapped-up" the three flavors with the grilled Chicken & Ranch McWrap. This one impressed me the least of the three, though it was still tasty. The ranch sauce that's used, when combined with the rice vinegar, is a bit too sweet for my liking. When I think of Ranch I imagine a savory, peppercorny-flavor, not so much sweetness. Other than that, the wrap met all the expectations set my the first two wraps. 

Aside from the actual wraps, I'd just like to comment on the awesomeness of the McWrap's packaging! Your wrap comes to you in a tube-like container with a "tear here" strip in the middle that cuts it in half and leaves you the bottom half to hold. No more fingers all over your tortilla, no sauce dripping all over your pants. Ingenious! Overall, I give all three new McWraps two thumbs up...great job McD's! 


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