Optics Lab Products: Prepare for allergy season! {Review}

This winter has been especially harsh on my poor sensitive eyes. Between eyestrain from the computer, dry Maine air, and my new-found allergy to dogs (fun fun) my eyes have a tendency to become overly dry and irritated. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one. 

My biggest eye issue lately are my allergies. I've never been one to suffer from seasonal allergies, but ever since giving birth to my son two years ago my body has undergone an overhaul for the worse. Ugh. I've been allergic to cats for years now, but to now add dogs to the mix bars me from visiting family and friends without the aid of loratadine (Claritin) tablets. Even so, if I happen to touch my eyes at all while around these allergens I'm in for some personal hell with scratchy, red, irritated eyes and sinuses.

Let me tell you, if you've never considered using eye washes and eye health products, it's time to start. I've always been a skeptic when it comes to putting things in or near my optical globes, but Optics Lab products have opened my eyes (pun intended) to their helpful and practical uses.

See all those goodies and tote bag in the picture above? I got to try them all out! Optics Lab produces sterile single-use vials of each of their high quality eye products, making it easy to take them anywhere. Check out my thoughts on some helpful eye goodies:

OcuFresh Eye Wash: Helps to remove debris and allergens from the eyes.

OcuFresh eye wash vials come in a 6-pack with a washable cup, which I've found to be super handy on many occasions. Eye washes can be used to rinse debris safely from the eye, such as rogue makeup, dust, or eyelashes. Did you know that rinsing the eye can also help with seasonal allergies? Think about it...most seasonal allergic reactions in the eyes are due to pollen in the air, which can itself become debris in the eye. All you have to do is either squeeze a light stream of this sterile solution over your eye, or like I prefer, use the included cup. Fill it partways with OcuFresh, hold the cup over your eye socket so that none escapes, and tilt your head back, opening your eye into the liquid. After a few blinks and eye movements, you should be free and clear! 

This product has worked wonders for me as I returned home from a family member's home. They have dogs, and try as I might, I always end up touching my eyes at some point. This causes extreme itching, which gives me blood shot eyes and lots of discomfort. One use of OcuFresh relieved all of my eye troubles for the day! And best of all? OcuFresh travels easily! If I'd actually been smart, I would have tucked one of these compact vials in my purse to use at their house. 

MiniDrops Lubricant Eye Drops: Lubricates and moistens the eyes.

MiniDrops come in a box of 30 individual dropper vials, which are so small they'd easily fit right in your pocket. Whether you're outdoors facing the chilly air of Winter or inside with indoor heating, MiniDrops are a great way to moisturize and recharge your eyes. They're perfectly portioned and easy to use, each sterile dropper has enough solution for one application in both eyes. I've found that after a long day, either inside or out, these drops are like a touch of heaven for tired eyes. 

If you work at or tend to spend much of your day slaving away at your computer, MiniDrops can help relieve a bit of your eyestrain too! 

Eye-cept Rewetting Drops: Moisturizes soft contact lenses.

I don't currently wear contacts, but have in the past. It's a major pain when you can feel your soft contacts drying out, especially after a long day at work. I've found myself in the past asking around for eye drops...any eye drops...because my eyes were so parched and tired. EyeCept is an ideal companion for contact wearers! Preservative-free solution in single-use, sterile droppers makes moisture easy to carry with you. Like the MiniDrops, these vials are tiny and fit perfectly in a pocket or purse. Each box comes with 20 single-use vials.

OcuSave: Vitamin supplement for healthy eyes.

Okay, so vitamins for healthy eyes aren't really something you can feel or see (hur hur) working, so a review of a 30 day supply won't tell you much about it's contents. I can tell you that these vites are super easy to take...they're tiny! Softgels always go down easier than hard tablets, and they break down easier in your stomach too. This supplement contains natural ingredients like lutein and zeaxanthin that may help prevent eye degeneration later down the road. I have been taking these now for a week or so, I just take them alongside my regular multivitamin and omega-3 and am confident that they're doing their job to help protect my eyes from future damage!

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