Celebrate the Holidays With GIANTmicrobes! {Holiday Gift Guide} {Review}

This year, GIANTmicrobes has something for everyone on your list!

Perhaps you've heard of them before...they're only my FAVORITE plush toys around!

GIANTmicrobes puts out a line of adorable, plushie microorganisms blown up 1,000,000x their original size that turn something "yucky" and "gross" into just about the cutest things you've ever seen.

Meet the newest additions to my Microbe family: Plasma, Christmas Tree Box Ornaments, and the Common Cold Primordial Putty!

 GIANTmicrobes truly does make a gift for every person and every price point on your shopping list. They make great gifts for teachers, geeks, and kids alike! They are informative and fun, and let's be honest...who wouldn't love to throw a little Mad Cow Disease around the office holiday party?

  The Primordial Putty is a new addition this year, and what a fun toy it is! Each petri dish contains a GIANTmicrobes collectible plastic figure surrounded by a stretchy, ooey gooey orange putty to play with. This is the stuff I was never allowed to play when I was younger because it would "make a mess." So of course I let my munchkin fiddle with it...and he loves it!

...okay, Daddy likes it a lot, too.

I found the toy!
  There's information about the microbe on the back of the petri dish, too. Each Primordial Putty retails for $6.95. What a GREAT stocking stuffer!

  My personal favorite of the bunch is my new Original microbe, Plasma.  Plasma is a new addition for 2013, and he fits right in with my blood collection. (I have a GIGANTICmicrobe red blood cell and an Original white blood cell.) Plasma is an important factor in your blood vessel system! Blood is made up of about 55% plasma, which carries other blood cells and nutrients where they need to go.

  This little guy is magnified 1,000,000x his microbe size and is perfect for cuddling! All of the GIANTmicrobes Originals make great small gifts for friends, relatives, coworkers, and teachers. There are SO MANY to collect, I love 'em! The Originals plush dolls start at just $8.95, gotta catch 'em all!

The Christmas Tree Boxed Ornaments are the second in my collection, following last year's Wreath Box. Each box comes with 5 mini microbe plush ornaments in holiday-versions of themselves. 

Brain cell, kissing disease, amoeba, cold, and e.coli!

  Aren't they precious?! Maybe it's the inner-girl inside of me, but anything miniature is automatically 10x cuter than the original version.  Each ornament has a little gold loop to make tree-trimming a cinch. Our tree now has 10 of these tiny germs, nearly complete! These boxed sets sell or $29.95 each online.

  One thing I have to say about every single GIANTmicrobe I've received over the years is how superb the quality is. Each microbe is obviously made with love and care, as I've never had one with a loose stitch or flaw. GIANTmicrobes definitely stands for quality products!

  If you're looking for a unique gift that's sure to inspire conversation and attention, look no further than GIANTmicrobes!

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