Bring out your inner Eden with January's Starbox {Review}

I can't get enough of Starbox by has brought me back into the glamorous world of makeup again and for this I love it! Each month Starbox sends me 3-4 full-sized coordinating makeup products to tickle my fancy, along with a few surprises and tips on application, all for just $15 per month! This is the ideal  way to buy makeup for me, as I never seem to know what I want or what color combos will compliment my skin tone. Starbox takes away all the work and pressure, and lets me experiment with and enjoy many colors and products that I never would have gone out and bought on my own!

January's Starbox theme was Eden with earthy yet ethereal natural tones. 

I put the STD in STUD... GIANTmicrobes Heart Burned Box {Review}

Will you be sharing this Valentine's Day with a dear loved one? Or perhaps you were scorned (or are scorning?) recently by an ex whom you would like nothing more than to wish a world of hurt upon? Either way, GIANTmicrobes has a splendid gift to give or keep: the new Heart Boxes!

Meet blu: The perfect alternative to cigarettes {Review}

As a non-smoker who grew up in a household of indoor smokers, I can personally attest to the negative impact that cigarettes can have on those around the smoker. The half-full ashtrays lying around, stinking up each room. The occasional cigarette burn on the couch or bedspread. Going to school with the smell of smoke on your clothes that everyone else notices...well, it's not a pleasant thing.

As an adult now with a partner who smokes, I often face the same issues to a lesser extent. (No burns or smelly clothes for us, smoking is only allowed outdoors.) Mark does a good job of keeping his smoke away from Jace and me, but it still lingers around in unwanted places. Not to mention the fact that Mark obviously can't smoke indoors pretty much anywhere he goes, a Godsend for us non-smokers but torture at times for him.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology Mark has stumbled upon the electronic cigarette, blu eCigs specifically. He has tried one other brand of e-cig in the past, but it was huge, heavy and clunky. blu eCigs are proving themselves to be the best in their industry, and this household is loving 'em!

Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminator {Review + Giveaway}

If you've got kids, you've got odors. Pretty much everywhere. Those odors can be ten-fold if you've got boys, ugh. I've tried the consumer products available at stores, everything from odor-eliminating candles to what I call "flower-ass," those nasty flowery perfumed sprays meant for restrooms. You know, the ones that are designed to make your "business" smell fresh, but end up mingling with your families methaneous odors creating some super chemical-stink in the bathroom. Not a fan.

But wait, all you naysayers, I have found the answer! Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminating products to the rescue, helping people breathe-easy with more than 20 years experience!

Fire-up your Valentine's Day with Deep Discounts from EdenFantasys!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Holidays can be a rough time, especially on one's wallet. With Valentine's Day following not too long after the money-depleting "big" holidays in December it's understandable that you might want to keep V-day pretty low-key. What better way to do that than with an intimate night at home with the one you love?

EdenFantasys has more than a few phenomenal deals going on right now to help you better prepare for Valentine's Day. Whether you're spending the day with your partner or alone, remember to show yourself some self-love and be pampered!

Humerus the Funny Bone: The Funniest Guy in the Joint! {Review + Giveaway}

He's funny, he's sassy, and he's dressed for the occasion. He's Humerus the Funny Bone! New from the makers of GIANTmicrobes (my favorite toys ever) come Humerus and his nervous little buddy Ulnar to preform stand-up comedy for you and your family. If you or your spawn enjoy simple, obvious humor (who doesn't?) there's no doubt that Humerus is for you!

Teeple's Testosterone Test App + Movie Ticket {Giveaway}

Are you or your partner one of the 40% of males over the age of 45 who suffer from low testosterone? Chances are you'll never know it...only 5% of these sufferers are ever diagnosed!

Dr. Sloan Teeple and his wife Susan are making it their mission to help educate people on the effects of Low Testosterone in men. At just 33 years old, Dr. Teeple discovered through blood tests that he had the testosterone level of an 80-year-old man, yikes!

Symptoms of having Low “T”

  • - Loss of Sexual Desire
  • - Fatigue
  • - Unexplained Weight Gain
  • - Poor Concentration
  • - Moodiness

Start 2013 off right by ensuring that you and your loved ones are as healthy as possible!  A healthy testosterone level can be the key to supercharging your relationship, health, and sex life.

To get the word out, Dr. Teeple created Teeple's Testosterone Test blog app! Take the test to see if you or your partner are at-risk for having Low “T” - and the test will generate an action plan filled with tips for boosting your Testosterone! The Teeples want YOU to be proactive about Low "T" and have a date night out, on them! 

Enter the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win a copy of the Teeple's book I'm Still Sexy So What's Up With Him? and a pair of movie tickets!

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    I received no compensation for this post. Enjoy the giveaway!

    Resolve to Overcome Sexual Shyness in 2013 + Astroglide Sample Giveaway

    As a whole, sex in our society is still fairly taboo to discuss. We see sexual messages out there everyday, in the media and in our daily routines, yet anything that happens in the bedroom "should stay in the bedroom." Sex isn't a fad or anything that's going away anytime soon, and education and communication are the keys to increasing awareness and fulfillment. 

    Astroglide's Sexual Wellness Ambassador Dr. Yvonne Fulbright wants to help you to break away from sexual shyness in 2013, and she's come up with a number of tips to help!

    Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD {Review + Giveaway}

    When Jace was a wee munchkin, more "wee" than he is currently, he ate everything put in front of him. I made dinner for Mark and myself, cooking our usual fare with a healthy side of veggies and fruits, Jace gobbled it up happily and life moved on. Nowadays it's often a struggle to get him to chew and swallow many vegetables (he'll partially chew most, then spit them out onto his plate), even though these are the very same veggies that he's been eating for a year now. So frustrating

    Copy-Kids, an independent media company, has come up with the perfect solution. Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables is a DVD focused on helping very young kids expand their diets to include raw fruits and veggies, how awesome! 

    Noxicare Women's Once Daily Multi Vitamin {Review + Giveaway}

    Vitamins: The great debate. Do you need them? How much is enough? How much is too much?

    I'm no doctor, but I can certainly attest to the positive effects that certain vitamins can have on an individual. I worked in the vitamin retail industry for a number of years and have heard countless vitamin success stories from satisfied customers, myself included!

    I know that the world of vitamins and minerals can be quite where is a good place to start? A great all-around women's multi vitamin (or men's) can fulfill your basic vitamin needs, and then some. I've come to love my new daily vite: Noxicare's Women's Once Daily Multi Vitamin!

    Random Acts of Travel: Book {Review + Giveaway}

    Before I became a mom I envisioned a life of travel. Maybe not around the world at first, but I dreamed of buying an old RV and traveling around the 'States for as long as possible. Call it Wanderlust or what you will, but that desire to roam is what got my butt out the door of my comfy California home, into my mid-nineties Mustang and on the road a few years back. I "traveled" a bit and ended up living across the country in Maine, but my map was no where near as extensive as author Dean Johnston's. He and his wife Laynni have traveled in and around 43 different countries over the past 12 years, accumulating a plethora of interesting and comical stories, tips for travel, and tidbits of information about their visited areas. All of this is shared unabashedly in his book Random Acts of Travel, which I had a blast reading!

    The Juppy Momentum Baby Walker {Review + Giveaway}

    Do you remember your child's first steps? I remember Jace's...he was wobbling through our living room like it was nobody's business and running shortly afterwards. That in-between time can be rough for parents, though. That time when they want to walk so badly, but just don't have the stability to do so on their own. The folks over at The Juppy want to make your life during this period a little bit easier by helping out your back (and giving your munchkin some independence!) 

    The mom on the right is obviously more comfortable, but I wonder if the left mom's footwear has anything to do with her discomfort?

    Give Your Hands A Break With The UGLee Ergonomic Pen! {Review}

    For as long as I can remember I've always preferred using pens over pencils. Whether drawing or writing, there's just something about a smooth ball point pen that does it for me. After a little while of writing with standard stick pens, my hands tend to cramp up and my fingertips are left with sore dents from resting against the pen, UGH. Dr. Lee has come up with a solution for all of your doodling-needs: the UGLee Pen!

    Just January Giveaway Hop ~ Win a 3-pack of UGLee Ergonomic Pens! {Giveaway}

    Just January Giveaway Hop {hosted by Weidknecht Events Going Crazy} January 10-17
    Welcome to the Just January Giveaway Hop hosted by GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!! and Planet Weidknecht. We just couldn't think of a better reason to gather up our blogger friends for another hop, so this time we are JUMPIN' for January…Just January!! Check out all the blogs on the link and enter to win some great prizes!! Each blog is sponsoring a giveaway of at least $20 value. So, join the jump and Have Fun!! 

    One lucky Serial Access Mom reader will win a 3-pack of UGLee Ergonomic Pens, the most comfortable pen in the world!

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    Now JUMP over to the other blogs and enter their giveaways!!

    Disclosure: GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!, Planet Weidknecht, and the Just January Giveaway Hop bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prizes or for prize distribution unless it is noted that they are self-sponsoring the prize(s).

    Keep Your Nights Warm With Spicy Subscriptions! {Review}

    Most everyone likes a good surprise, am I right? Maybe you found a few extra dollars in your jeans pocket, or a surprise night out on the town with your SO (significant other.) How would you like to come home once a month to a fabulous box of goodies that dazzle and excite? Spicy Subscriptions is here to help! 

    PLEASE NOTE: This post includes discussion of adult products. No pictures of lewd items, just adults talking about adult things. 

    Be Bold with December's Starbox This Winter! {Review}

    If you've been sticking with Serial Access Mom for the past few months, no doubt you've seen a few raving Starbox by Starlooks reviews. I love them! Being a former makeup fiend (and "goth" clubber) gives me an appreciation for all things cosmetic. After becoming a mom nearly two years ago, my makeup days were a thing of the past. Or so I thought! I had no idea how much I'd missed "putting on my face" until I came upon Starbox.  

    This December, Starlooks decided to do something different for it's subscribers. A typical Starbox monthly subscription comes with 3-4 full-size makeup products, as well as tips and tricks on how to use them, for just $15 per month. This month is special...

    Nordic Naturals What's Essential Essay Scholarship Program: Win $5,000 for College!

    As an adult, you've probably heard "Take your fish oil." From your doctor. From your friends. From the media. We all know that omega essential oils are important for our well-being. Most people know of the heart health benefits omega oils carry, but did you know that they can help with a healthy brain, too? Studies have shown that intake of EPA and DHA (the two main omega-3's) can increase brain and cognitive function, and what better time to use brainpower to it's full potential than at school?