Daddy & Company Pajama Lounge Pants Review & {Giveaway}

  Great news! Daddy Scrubs, the company we know and love for creating amazing expectant dad gifts, such as the Daddy Scrubs I reviewed in the past, has changed their name to Daddy & Company to encompass ALL levels of daddyhood!

Our line of Dadcentric apparel and accessories has expanded to include quality products for Expectant, New, Active, and Experienced Daddies.  Due to this exciting expansion, we've decided Daddy & Company more accurately represents our ever-growing line of products for all dads. 

  What does this mean for us as customers? A whole new line of goodies made for all daddies! Everything from fun Daddy ties to color-it-yourself tumblers, Daddy & Company has the perfect gift for every father in your life this Valentines Day.