Re-Body Meratrim Fruit & Flower Slimming Formula {Review}

** I received a month's supply of MeraThin free of charge in exchange for my honest review. My opinions may differ from yours.

I was recently afforded the opportunity to try a brand-new, stimulant-free weight loss product: Meratrim Fruit & Flower Slimming Formula.

  This non-stimulant formula, powered by authentic Meratrim®, offers the clinical amount of 800 mg per day, which is shown to help with weight loss. Participants in two separate human double-blind placebo-controlled studies showed statistically significant reductions in weight as well as inches lost starting in just two weeks.

About Meratrim Fruit & Flower Slimming Formula:

·         Lose weight starting in two weeks
·         Reduce waist size in just 2 weeks
·         Reduce hip size in 8 weeks
·         After 8 weeks, participants in the study who consumed Meratrim®, lost an average of 11 lbs. in body weight and reduced their waist circumference by 4.7 inches
*All Re-Body products are to be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program. 

My Thoughts:

  I was so happy to hear that there are options out there for those of us who don't tolerate caffeine well. A natural flower and fruit extract, perfect! I went in with high hopes...

  First off: The pills. I LOVE the fact that they are capsules full of powder instead of huge hard tablets. Not only is this easier on your digestive system, but it also means that more of the ingredients will be absorbed by your body. (Info coming from the former vitamin-junkie: Me) Also, they are vegetarian capsules with no gelatin, score!

  As far as results go, unfortunately, I must report that I did not see a measurable difference in waist size.  As stated above, all Re-Body products are supposed to be used in conjunction with a reduced calorie and active lifestyle, both of which I was not 100% keen on following during this particular month. I know that stress can play a big role in weight gain (or lack-of-loss, in this case) and my workload and events going on at home definitely did not help with that!

  I am pleased to say that, although it isn't a named effect of this supplement, MeraTrim seems to have curbed my appetite in part during the first 2 weeks or so of taking it. I didn't feel quite so hungry when I remembered to take it 30 minutes before a meal, which in turn allowed me to watch my portion sizes. I also incurred no negative side effects whatsoever while taking it!

  You can do more research and purchase MeraTrim online through Re-Body and at vitamin retailers nation-wide.