Spicy Subscriptions April 2014 Deluxe Spice Box {Review}

  You might remember the glowing review that I gave to Spicy Subscriptions some time ago. Well, here is another that echoes those very same sentiments: Awesome!

PLEASE NOTE: This post includes discussion of adult products. No pictures of lewd items, just adults talking about adult things. 

Spicy Subscriptions is an adult subscription service that delivers a box chock-full of surprise, themed items to your doorstep monthly. All items in these neat, discreet packages are meant to get your blood flowing (to all the right areas, I might add) and your imagination running. There are three subscription offerings, ranging from the Toy of the Month to the Deluxe Spice Box.

I most recently received the Deluxe Spice Box, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

My Deluxe Spice Box!
Each Deluxe Spice Box comes with:

1 Toy
1-2 Full Sized Items
1 Deluxe Accessory
2-3 Trial-sized Products

Included in my Spice Box:

The Spicy Rabbit Vibrator (batteries not included)
Lusty Lacquers Nail Lacquer
Simply Sensual Massage Candle in Green Tea Aloe
Wicked Aqua Lubricant in Candy Apple
KamaSutra Lip Fetish Kissing Gloss in Sweet Strawberry
Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women sample
Gun Oil Masturbation Cream for Men sample

As you can see from the list and photos above, I actually received THREE full-sized items, plus all that was promised in the description! Jackpot! I'm pleased to see that there are items in this box that are perfect for couples to use on each other, and not meant for just one sex only. Here are my thoughts on these sensual goodies:

  • Regular lip gloss is a thing of the past with my favorite product in the box, the KamaSutra Kissing Gloss in the flavor Sweet Strawberry. This warming, tingling lip gloss delivers a sheen of shimmery color (which goes perfect with my skintone: paper-white) and a blast of sensation. I haven't tried it during an actual makeout session yet, as the Hubs isn't a fan of even chapstick on the lips during a kiss, but I can tell you that even when worn alone this gloss makes me feel sexy. Who doesn't love a funn, Jolie-esque pout?
  • The Lusty Lacquers nail lacquer was a bit misplaced in a box such as this, though it has novelty value. The color is a bright, sexy red and definitely pigment-rich. My only beef: Other than the color, it has nothing to do with bedroom fun. No pheromones, just nail polish. I did spend a lovely afternoon pampering myself and painting my little toesies, though.
  • There's never been a better to go vegan...with the Wicked Aqua lubricant in Candy Apple! This thin, slippery lube contains absolutely no animals products, parabens, or aftertaste. It has a truly unique taste and smell, and is water-based for safe use with condoms, thank goodness. 
  • Candles for sexy purposes? Yes, please!  The Simply Sensual Massage Candle uses natural soy oil to pamper your skin and delight your senses with warm, moisturizing wax and pleasing hands. Simply let the candle burn for a bit, then drizzle the warm wax onto your partner's back, legs, etc and massage-away! I personally didn't care for the fragrance much, but to each their own. (You might love it!)
  • Last but not least, the star of the Box, the Spicy Rabbit vibrator. This toy is about medium on the loudness scale and is made of a soft, smooth jelly. It has rotating beads on the shaft and a little nubbin perfectly placed to hit the g-spot near the top. High, low, pulsating, escalating, to the right, to the left...this baby has about a billion ways to drive you wild. I've spared you the full photo, as some readers may be sensitive to phallic-shaped items, but here's a sneak peek at all the crazy settings on the handle:

This month's box contained so many fun goodies! I look forward to seeing what the boxes in the months to come will reveal...

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