Send Flowers Online with The Bouqs: The Bad with the Good {Review}

The Bouqs Company - Rise n' Shine Bouq

  It's the hip new way to send flowers:  fresh, eco-friendly, and shipped right to your recipient's door. offers a way to send  flower packages online for just about any celebration or reason you can think of.

  The Bouqs ships the majority of their flowers direct from their farms in South America, 10,000 feet above sea level on a volcano.  Being so close to the equator means one thing: more color for your flowers. (California blooms are grown right here on eco-friendly farms on the California coast, radical!) Flower stems are cut the day you order and are shipped to your doorstep within 2-6 days, as opposed to up to 14 days with some competitors.

  The Bouqs offers 70+ different "bouqs" featuring roses, calla lilies, daisies and more! The bouqs are sent as single stems, without the added "fluff" (ie- baby's breath, greenery) that usually accompanies flowers bouquets. The bouqs come in three sizes, 12 stems (Original $40), 24 stems (Deluxe $50), and 36 (Grand $70).

  I chose the Rise n' Shine Original Bouq from the Volcano Collection, read about my experience below:

Flower delivery from Equador!

  I received my package from FedEx 6 days after ordering, so it was on the later end of the expected delivery date. I did have to sign for my package, which means that there will never be a flower delivery left out on a hot (or cold) doorstep to wither. My box was a little banged up on one end, but I know how rough delivery guys can be on boxes sometimes.

Inside the box

  The flowers are ingeniously packaged and secured to the box so that they're not being tossed around in transit. They are wrapped in thick brown paper and corrugated cardstock, then secured to the outer box with plastic ties.

The unwrapped bundles

  The roses came in one bundle, and the calla lilies in a separate bundle. I was a little surprised that the roses came with a protective plastic wrap, the calla lilies did not.

Poor broken calla lily

  As you can see in the photo below, one of my calla lily stems was pretty pulverized by the paper packaging and the others were quite weak.  The company states that each Bouq includes 10-15% extra stems in case something becomes damaged in transit, though you can see that my bouq did not. (It came with the included 7 roses and 5 lilies.) I did what I could with the stems and cut a few short, though it did detract from the bouquet experience.

Short lilies, pretty roses

  I am no expert in flower arranging, so it was a bit of a challenge to fit my different-sized stems in the only vase I had and make it appealing. I'm used to flowers being delivered prepped and arranged, so it was a bit of a change. The roses bloomed nicely over the next two days, but unfortunately my flowers only lasted about 4 days total (with the recommended water changes) before wilting and browning.

  All-in-all, I am on the fence about The Bouqs. I love receiving flowers, but these bouqs require a little more work than I'd expect for $40 (or $50, or $70.) Considering the lack of cold packs or chilled shipping, broken stems, and short life of these flowers, I can't in good conscience recommend them for reliable service. Come Valentine's Day, $50 shipped is a great deal for 24 roses, but I'm not sure that I would trust them to be where I needed them to be on a certain day. Until then I will be sticking with my local florist for fresh flowers for myself and gifts.