Autumn Crafts - Toilet Paper Pumpkins

  Growing up with 12 years of Girl Scouts has kinda ingrained crafting into my daily activities. Whether I am doing creative activities with my 3 year-old or brainstorming a homemade gift, imagination is always at play. Sometimes it is the most simple ideas that produce the prettiest, most complimented designs in our household. My mom showed me these easy toilet paper pumpkins some time ago, and I finally got around to making them and writing up a tutorial this year.  They are easy enough for little hands to make, yet elegant enough to be displayed seasonally around the house. With so many different fabrics available (and several different roll sizes of t.p.), the variations of this craft are endless!

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

  • 1 roll toilet paper
  • 1 brown paper lunch bag
  • orange fabric, about 20"x 20" per pumpkin
  • 2 green or brown fabric strips, 2"x 9" each
  • raffia scraps

  Start off by centering the toilet paper roll in the middle of the upside-down orange fabric square.

  Take one corner of the orange fabric and fold it into the center of the toilet paper, tucking the excess fabric into the roll. 

Continue doing this around the toilet paper until all edges of the orange fabric are tucked in.

  Fold the brown paper bag in half and crumple to make the pumpkin stem. Stuff the centers of the green fabric strips, raffia scraps, and the bottom of the paper bag stem into the center of the toilet paper roll. Voila!

  It's as simple as that. No glue, sewing, or scissors for little hands! Use these cute little pumpkins to decorate the house during the Autumn season, as they are suitable for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Best of all: emergency toilet paper supplies in case you run out!   

  I can't wait to see everyone's variations on this project...what gorgeous fabric can you find for these at your local craft store?