FEAR: Prepare for Walkers with October's Loot Crate!

  Another month, another Loot Crate! With October comes the aptly-named FEAR Loot Crate, which includes exclusive goodies from The Walking Dead and Dead Rising 3. Take a look inside!

  New to Loot Crate? It's only the largest geek + gamer subscription box around! For right around $20 (shipping included) each month, you'll receive a surprise box filled with themed nerdy-goodness. Check out my July and August reviews for more info.

  The inside of October's box is decorated like a post-infection hardware store, complete with walker arms! 

1.  The Walking Dead comic (Loot Crate Exclusive)
     This issue #132 of The Walking Dead comes with exclusive Loot Crate cover art. Collectible: check!

2.  Death By Kitten T-shirt by Super 7
     "Have you ever wondered what your furry friends do when you're not around? If enough lolcats get together in one place, their true intentions come into focus..."  Another black shirt for the win from Loot Crate. It's not a design that I will wear regularly, as I am not a cat/lolcat fan, but I love the quality of LC shirts.

3.  "Oh, Brother" Art Print, SuperEmoFriends by JSalvador
     My favorite item from this box! This small, nifty print features Daryl and Merle, brothers from The Walking Dead tv series. The feels.  Daryl cried.  DARYL CRIED. 

4.  How To Survive a Sharknado (and other unnatural disasters) book
     Filled with totally practical advice on how to come out alive after a Beeclipse or to survive a Mothman encounter. Don't forget to kick him in the moth-balls.

5.  Sledgesaw Hammer Pen (Capcom + Loot Crate exclusive)
     I don't play Dead Rising 3, so this one went over my head, but it's still pretty cool. It's a sledgehammer, it's a saw. Best of all, it's a pen! Inconvenient to carry but totally worth the weird stares you'll get while signing checks at the bank.

6.  Slashes and bites tattoos, Toxic Waste candy, Smite gift code, and Loot Crate pin
     Neat tattoos, nasty-tasting (but super-sour) candy, and the monthly pin. Love 'em! Be forewarned...there's a reason the candy is called Toxic Waste. Gross!

7.  Loot Crate Magazine
     This month's magazine is in 3D and comes complete with 3D glasses! Flip through the pages in this magazine to see images pop out and look really cool.  

Use the code BATTLE to save $3 off any new subscription today! There are still a few days left to sign up for the November crate...gogogo!